Used Leica TCRP1203+ R1000 3 Robotic Total Station

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    • Product Code: Used Leica TCRP1203+ R1000 3 Robotic Total Station
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    Description :This Sale Including Complete and Ready to Work- 1x 754324 TCRP1203+ R1000 3 Robotic Total Station- 2x 733270 GEB221 Li-ION Battery- 1x 734752 GKL211 Basic Charger- 1x 748888 GDF111-1 Basic Tribrach- 1x 741964 RH1200 Radio Handle- 1x 385500 GLS11 Prism Pole- 1x 639985 GRZ4 360 prism- 1x ..

    Description :

    This Sale Including Complete and Ready to Work
    - 1x 754324 TCRP1203+ R1000 3 Robotic Total Station
    - 2x 733270 GEB221 Li-ION Battery
    - 1x 734752 GKL211 Basic Charger
    - 1x 748888 GDF111-1 Basic Tribrach
    - 1x 741964 RH1200 Radio Handle
    - 1x 385500 GLS11 Prism Pole
    - 1x 639985 GRZ4 360 prism
    - 1x 734754 Geocom Robotics License
    - 1 8225931 Allegro Mx 128/2GB color, Bluetooth
    - 1x CSW6501.060.001 Carlson/Leica SurvCE Total Station Software
    - 1x SEC5200-150 Seco Quick release pole clamp
    - 1x SEC5200-052 Seco Cradle for Allegro
    - 1x 733267 GVP623 Hard-Shelled Carrying Case

    Leica Total Station Features:
    - Latest Firmware SmartWorx v8.71 with On-Board Applications: survey, Set up, Stakeout, Cogo, Determine Coordinate System, Reference Line, Traverse
    - IR EDM Range up to 3,000 m to GPR1 single prism
    - Reflectorless EDM Range up to 1000 m with laser dot size of 2 cm/50 m
    - Fast, Precise, long-range EDM up to 3 km to a single prism
    - PinPoint EDM Accuracy of 2 mm +/- 2ppm

    Juniper Allegro MX Features:
    - Rugged, Waterproof: Withstands 5 foot drop and 6 ft immersion test
    - Lightweight, Ergonomic Design: Easy to hold in hand
    - Processor: 624Mhz PXA270 processor
    - Storage: 128MB RAM; 1GB or internal storage
    - Secure Data: Data stored on secure solid state disk. PC memory cards can be used for additional storage
    - Display Options: Color Display: 3.8 (96mm) QVGA (320 x 240) daylight readable transflective color LCD
    - Large keyboard: Makes data entry fast and accurate
    - Rechargeable Battery: Long operating life
    - Operating System: Windows Mobile 6.1
    - Communication Ports: Full size USB Host – A
       Mini USB Client – B
       Com 1, RS-232C 9-pin subD with 5VDC on;
       DTR pin; 12VDC power in, 10-18V unregulated
    - Environmental: IP67 Waterproof
    - Carlson SurvCE v2.0 Software (Total Station, Robotic modules enabled)

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